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Main benefits

  • An herb that has been used since ancient times in many different cultures including China, India and North American to help with sleep and restlessness.

  • Traditionally used in herbal medicine as a calmative and to help relieve restlessness.

  • Based on its long history of use within well-established traditional medicine systems, as well as scientific testing, it is suggested that hops has significant sedative activity, likely through activation of melatonin receptors.


Hops have been used for well over 1000 years to brew beer, but it has also been used since medieval times to produce medicine. Today, herbalists and naturopaths claim that adding hops to your diet may help improve overall health.

How it Works

It was observed by early physicians that hops pickers tired very easily during harvesting. It was assumed that this effect was caused by a sticky resin excreted by the cut hops plant. In recent years, scientists have confirmed that humulene and lupolene found in hops have mild sedative properties.

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